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Keep your fleet running smoothly with our top-notch truck engine repair services. Whether it’s on the road or in the shop, our team of experts is available around the clock to support you on every mile of your journey


A complete truck and trailer wash helps maintain the appearance and functionality of commercial vehicles.

This service involves a comprehensive cleaning of the truck and trailer’s exterior, including the body, undercarriage, and wheels.

The truck and trailer are first washed using high-pressure washers and specialized detergents to remove dirt, grime, and road salt, leaving them looking clean and shiny. The undercarriage and wheels are also thoroughly cleaned to prevent any buildup of road debris that could cause damage or reduce the vehicle’s performance.

How Often Should You Wash Your Truck?


Undercarriage cleaning is a specialized service that focuses on cleaning the underside of a truck. The undercarriage is the area of the truck that is most exposed to road debris, salt, and other contaminants, which can cause rust, corrosion, and other forms of wear and tear over time.

Undercarriage cleaning involves the use of high-pressure washers and specialized detergents to remove dirt, grime, and road salt from the underside of the truck, including the chassis, suspension, and drivetrain.

This service helps prevent rust and corrosion, which can cause costly repairs and replacements, and improves the truck’s performance by removing any buildup that may be affecting its functionality.


Full detail and sanitization is an essential service that provides a comprehensive cleaning of both the interior and exterior of a truck.

This service goes beyond a regular wash and includes a deep clean of the interior, including the dashboard, seats, carpets, and all other surfaces. It also involves sanitization of the interior, which is especially important in these times of heightened health concerns.

Our skilled technicians use specialized equipment and sanitizing solutions to kill any bacteria, viruses, or other harmful pathogens that may be present in the truck.


Engine wash and degrease is a specialized service that focuses on cleaning the engine and other mechanical components of a truck and trailer.

This service involves a thorough cleaning of the engine compartment, including the engine block, transmission, and other mechanical components.

The engine and other components are first sprayed with a powerful degreaser to remove any buildup of oil, grease, and other contaminants that can affect the engine’s performance.


Tire dressing and snow & ice removal are essential services that help maintain the safety and appearance of commercial vehicles.

Tire dressing involves applying a special formula to the tires to restore their shine and protect them from UV damage, cracking, and fading. It also helps improve the vehicle’s appearance, giving it a sleek, polished look. Snow and ice removal, on the other hand, is crucial for drivers who face harsh winter conditions.

Our team of skilled technicians uses specialized equipment to remove snow and ice from the truck and trailer, including the roof, windshield, and mirrors, ensuring maximum visibility and safety on the road.


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Jesse Wernette
Jesse Wernette
elluminate service does quality work at a good pace. and they stand behind their work.
Jordans Towing
Jordans Towing
We came in with our international flatbed tow truck. They kept us updated during the repair were able to fix two wiring issues the dealer missed and had us back in the road within a good time we recommended them!
Alex Hamad
Alex Hamad
Great place to get your vehicle repaired. The owner Ali is a great business owner and cares about his customers!
Jamar Gary
Jamar Gary
Had to go back to get my 3 and 1 readjusted, besides that the customer service was A1 will come back .
ryon hollandsworth
ryon hollandsworth
Great food great staff I'll be back

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